Russian interview (translation)

I made an interview with the russian internet magazine
Read the interview here!

Here is the English translation for the questions:

1) Will your new band Kerbera follow the visual scene like Seremedy or not? What can we expect from you?
– Kerbera will have a visual look.
Every individual will have their own style inspired by their own ideals and visions. In that way we will be very flexible in sound and style. Our music is filled with so much emotions. I’ve never wrote this deep lyrics before. It’s fascinating how I can open up along with my new bandmates. We have a very good connection!

2) After Seremedy has disbanded you quite fast brought a new band together. Have you knew the other members before? How did you know each other?
– Me and one of our guitarists CORRO knew each other and we wrote music together that were supposed to be for Seremedy. I couldn’t bare the thought of not having a band to make music along with, so once Seremedy disbanded we decided to start our own project and recruited the others. Some are new friends and some are old ones that showed interest once I announced I was searching for new members.
I don’t know what I would have done without these guys now, haha.

3) You let your fans to design a band’s logo. Had you chosen one concrete logo? If yes, when would you present it?
– We asked for logos and sketches from the fans to give them a chance to inspire us in our decision.
The result will be announced together with our first release this autumn!

4) When can your fans hear new songs from a new band?
– Our first single are scheduled to be released this September! More specific info regarding Kerbera will be out soon!
Follow our band page on Facebook and you’ll be sure not to miss it!

5) I can’t not to ask this question. Are you still communicate with members of a band after Seremedy has disbanded? Especially with Yohio?
– I talk with JENZiiH and RAY mostly. The good memories and all experience I got together with Seremedy will always be with me in my future work. I adored my band and I’m so proud of everything we succeeded with and that we made it that far in such short time.
Now I must go on and focus on the future. It’s still very hard sometimes but I’m happy all of my fans keep pushing me forward.

From fans:
7) What are you most afraid of?

– I’m afraid that I can’t be enough.

8) Do you think you are a role model for the other ones?
– I don’t know. I just hope that I can inspire people to become stronger, help them to face themselves and their emotions. To see people happy is enough for me.
What more can an artist ask for than to share what he love together with people who love him for it?

9) You have your own brand. You also design clothes, don’t you?
– I design clothing ideas together with my friend Veronica Isaksson for my brand ROYAL★RXXKER. We are a perfect team! I adore her skills and our minds are somehow connected when we work.