Dear friends and unfriends, I see that you found your way to my page. You can call me SEIKE. I’m a versatile artist born and located in the penis-shaped country of Sweden.

I’m the vocalist of two bands: Kerbera and DIE/MAY. I’m also the founder, owner and designer of the alternative fashion brand ROYAL RXXKER (royalXXK). Living in an apartment together with my roommate and best friend Jeremia and our two cats Buta and Luka in the capital of my country, Stockholm.

My blog contains little pieces of my everyday life, from philosophical thoughts to my life as an artist with everything what that includes. I travel a lot, either with work or on vacations and writes about my journies around the world along with photos, impressions and inspirations.
I mainly write my blog in Swedish simply because I find it easier to express myself through my mother tongue, but sometimes I decide to translate parts or write the entiere entry in English, depending on my mood.

As you can see the rest of the page is all in English, with some advertising as an exception.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!


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